Our Menu


Island Spice Specializes in titillating the taste buds of even the most critical food connoisseur.  Our menu offers a variety of Caribbean specialty dishes.  Our most popular dishes are “Braised Oxtails”, “Tender Juicy Jerk Chicken” and our irresistible “Savory Curry Goat”.   Our master chef enjoys the challenge of preparing dishes to please everyone so that they would be encouraged to return for more. 


Fresh Hot Island Spice Plantain Chips 3.95
Island Spice Garden Salad 2.95
Jamaican “Patty” Flaky pastry filled with chicken or beef or vegetable 2.95
Black/White Pudding (caribbean style budin- seasoned rice filling) 5.95
Island Spice Jerk- served with a side salad  9.95
Boneless Chicken – (Grilled – Boneless piceses of Chicken Breast, Tender and Juicy) 7.95
Pork (Grilled – Suculent Moist,Pork Loin.  Spicy yet Irrestable Tasty) 9.95
Shrimp (Grilled –  6 Tender and Tasty Jumbo Butterfly Shrimps) 9.95
Island Spice Seaside Retreat
Island Spice Tangy Flavored Fried Shark 8.95
Island Spice Wings :Jerk, BBQ or Fried  Chicken Wings  6 pieces 6.95


Served with steamed rice or rice and peas and includes steamed cabbage OR sliced ripe plantains
1.50 per additional sides
Oxtails Beef so tender you’ll forget the bones 13.95
Brown Stewed Chicken Sautéed chicken with a mild spicy kick 10.95
Curried Goat Braised goat on the bone with curry 11.95
Curried Chicken Succulent chicken in a coconut curry sauce 12.95
Boneless Curried Chicken- Breast of Chicken in a mild flavored curry sauce 12.95
Curry Beef- Tender pieces of beef in curry sauce 12.95
Curry Shrimp- Jumbo shrimped sautéed in Island Spice curry flavor 12.95
Jerk Chicken Grilled chicken with island heat flavor 10.95
Jerk Chicken – Grilled Boneless Breast of Chicken with island heat flavor 12.95
Jerk Pork- Juicy pieces of pork grilled to perfection 12.95
Red Snapper-  a Whole Red Snapper-Escoveitch style seasonal Price
Ackee & Salt fish Ackee fruit sautéed with boneless codfish 15.95
Asian Caribbean Specialties
Dahl Pouri- Served with
Curry Chicken 9.9
Curry Goat 10.9
Curry Shrimp 11.9
Roti- Served with
Curry Chicken 8.9
Curry Goat 9.9
Curry Shrimp 10.9
Low Mein
Vegetable – (melody of Chinese long beans or snow peas with carrots and cabbage) 10.95
Chicken – (Soy-Sauce Chicken Grilled and Juicy to perfection) 12.95
Pork – (Asian Style BBQ Pork) 12.95
Shrimp – (Flavored in a mild Asian Seafood Sauce) 12.95


Roti – Served with cabbage, curry potatoes and chick peas. 7.95
Dahl Pouri- Served with curry potatoes, cabbage and chick peas. 8.95
Vegetable Plate -Includes Rice & Peas, Cabbage or Calaloo and Plantains 7.95


Sweet Plantains -Fried Ripe plantains 2.50
Rice n Peas-  Red Beans (Red Kidney Beans) 2.50
Rice n Peas-  Pigeon Peas (Gunga Peas)  seasonal
Coco Bread -An oversized bun, split on the side 1.00
Steamed Rice -Rice steamed to perfection 2.00
Roti -A thin flatbread/ tortilla 2.50
Dahl Pouri -A flatbread stuffed with delicious seasoned yellow split peas 3.95
Cabbage Sautéed cabbage with our sweet and tangy flavor 2.55


Pine Tarts 2.
Coconut Buns 2.
Sponge Cake( served by the slice) 2.



Monday-Friday 11am-2pm,


Side Salad included in meal

Mondays – Brown Stew Chicken
Tuesdays-  Curry Chicken
Wednesdays- Jerk Chicken
Thursdays- Curry Chicken
Fridays Talipia